They Won’t Understand

Most people will never understand. They won’t ever understand that feeling of stepping onto the mat.They won’t get why  we bow before we do. They they won’t understand the feeling of slapping hands and bumping fists the way we do and they also won’t ever feel the unexplainable feeling of your eyes starting to pop out of your head on a choke. They won’t feel the accomplishment of tapping an opponent or that respect level of still hugging each other when its all over. They won’t understand the hours you put into the gym and your nutrition. They won’t get why we “wrestle around with sweaty people.” They won’t know the feeling of getting their hand raised. They won’t understand the obsession. That’s all because they don’t understand Jiu Jitsu.   They won’t understand that once you’re hooked, you’re hooked for life.



6 thoughts on “They Won’t Understand”

  1. Ps feel free to delete this…some of your blog isn’t all the way set up…the text widget still says “this is a text widget” and the text under this article on your front page says some random text like “this will display your article text” or something. I wasn’t sure if you were aware. was my first blog location and it was a joy and pain to get started on!

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  2. It’s pretty funny the looks I get from folks who are anti-Jiu jitsu. It’s like they smelled me after class (yes, I’m that stinky after class). That stank face lets me know who I want to be friends with or not.

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