As I’m 5 weeks out from my next tournament I’m beginning to get into my competition mindset and routine. My diet plan has changed, my workout schedule has changed, and my mindset has definitely changed. Mindset is huge in combat sports. If your mind is in the wrong place before and especially during a match, you won’t be able to compete to the best of your ability. As Lao Tzu once said, ” The best fighter is never angry.” I wholeheartedly agree with that.

Every time I begin to prepare for a tournament I have something on my mind. Whether it be new goals or new technique I want to try and improve on there is something go on in my mind.As important as nutrition and hitting the gym hard is, its also important to get my  mind right and get my focus set. For me that means a day off. I make sure I take a day to spend with family and friends and just relax. As summer is approaching my family and I will spend a day out on the water where we can all de-stress and make sure we don’t lose focus.

Right before a match I have things going through my head too. For me, it tends to be sizing up my opponent and going over my game plan. As I’m looking at my opponent I can’t let myself get mad at her. I have to keep calm and keep myself composed. I can’t look at them like an enemy, because they are not. They are just another competitor.

During matches if I know I’m losing I can’t let myself become upset or frustrated. If I let my opponent get into my head or I get into my own head frustration takes over and technique goes out the window. Winning a match all starts in your mindset.

Keeping your focus and your mind right through the whole tournament process will make it a much more enjoyable experience and will help you to stay focused on your goals.


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